Paul Winspear



PO Box 5224,
Busselton, WA, 6280

Terms and Conditions

On accepting your quote you agree to and can fulfil the payment terms. 50% deposit due a minimum of one week prior to start. Remaining balance due within (7) days of the work originally quoted being deemed complete by us.

The preferred payment method is direct bank deposit. If you are paying by cheque, the cheque must be presented on the day of completion to allow for it to be deposited and cleared by the bank within the 7 day terms.

Invoices not paid in accordance with the payment terms will be sent to a debt collection agent and all associated fees will be at yours, the clients expense.

Any additional work requested will be charged as an additional item/s on the final invoice. If you make additional requests once we are on site, depending on the time frame allocated we may have to return on a future date to complete those requests. In that instance it will be deemed a separate job and accordingly quoted/invoiced separately.

Whilst two coats is standard on most quotes, if you choose a different paint colour to the existing colour, rather than a similar shade or you request or require excessive patching occasionally a third coat will be necessary in order to cover. A third coat is at additional expense to the quote unless otherwise stated. It is advisable to mention on quoting if you think this may apply to you. Please be mindful that paint doesn't hide imperfect or damaged plaster.

Any discrepancies or perceived faults with the work must be reported in writing and emailed to paul@paintingthebay.com.au preferably prior to us leaving your work site or in the last instance within 7 days of completion of the quoted work. Whilst we will return as soon as possible, this will not extend the 7 day payment terms or due date of your invoice.

Colour choice/s must be sent in writing via email to paul@paintingthebay.com.au
If you change your mind on the colour choice once work has commenced and the paint has been purchased, purchasing additional paint and any additional labour will be at yours, the clients expense.

We cannot guarantee that there will be any left over paint to leave at the completion of your job.
There may be unavoidable delays in exterior works in the instance of inclement weather.
Proposed start dates are subject to change.
Whilst we use floor protection and clean up at the end of each job we cannot guarantee a 100% spot free finish. 
We are not responsible for repairing damage to paint work caused by other trades.